GRP and Steel Covers

At Ingenium Baltic, we possess specialized expertise in the design and engineering of GRP and Steel covers, providing essential protection for subsea equipment in challenging offshore environments. Our tailored solutions are designed to safeguard critical equipment from external factors, ensuring their longevity.

GRP Covers

Our engineering team provides engineering GRP covers with high-dampening properties. These covers offer exceptional protection against dropped objects and fishing gear impact. Furthermore GRP covers can serve as a shield for both protected structure and soil underneath against adverse influence of near seabed current and wave induced water motion. Our GRP covers are customized to fit various equipment sizes and shapes.

Steel Covers

Based on Client’s preferences, we offer protection structures made from standard steel profiles. This option allows while preserving all basic features of protection structures make it also more flexible manufacturing wise: giving Client more control on place and price of the manufacturing.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each subsea project has unique requirements. As a result, our team collaborates closely with Client to identify specific needs and challenges. Our engineering approach involves developing tailored solutions that match the equipment’s dimensions, considers inspection requirements, equipment functionality and requirements for future connections

Services we provide

Design Development  •  Calculations and Analysis  •  Technical Documentation  •  Production follow-up  •  Visualisation  •  Animation

At Ingenium Baltic, we are dedicated to delivering GRP and Steel covers that guarantee the protection and longevity of subsea equipment. By leveraging our engineering expertise and focus on customized solutions, we offer reliable and cost-effective options for subsea structure protection and reducing risk of environmental pollution.