Subsea Equipment and Components

At Ingenium Baltic, we possess extensive expertise in the engineering of subsea equipment, with a particular focus on inline structures. Our dedicated team of engineers excels in the design, analysis, and optimization of a wide range of inline structures, including PLETs, PLEMs, ILTs, as well as spools, pig launchers, and pig receivers. Our proficiency in these areas enables us to deliver robust and efficient solutions for subsea applications.

Inline Structures Engineering:

We specialize in the engineering of inline structures that play a critical role in subsea operations. Our engineers are adept at designing and optimizing PLETs, PLEMs, ILTs, and other inline structures to meet project requirements and industry standards. Through advanced engineering analysis and simulations, we ensure the structural integrity, functionality, and longevity of these critical subsea components.

Spools and Flowline Engineering:

In addition to inline structures, we have extensive experience in the engineering of spools and flowline systems. Our engineers employ cutting-edge design methodologies to optimize the performance, reliability, and safety of spools, ensuring seamless connection and efficient flow of fluids in subsea installations.

Equipment we usually do:

PLET  •  PLEM  •  ILT  •  Spools  •  Piping  •  Riser Clamps  •  Umbilical Clamps  •  ROV tools  •  Pig Launchers  •  Pig Receivers  •  Bellmouth

By choosing Ingenium Baltic as your Subsea Equipment engineering partner, you gain access to a team of skilled engineers and professionals dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance in every aspect of your project.